Traveling with young children? WHY?

People ask me all the time, ” How you manage to travel so often with your kids?” We travel to Chicago and New York/Connecticut a few times a year. I smile and say, ” It’s really not that bad!”




I spend hours packing, doing laundry, making bags of entertainment for the kids, and just generally making sure we have everything we need.

But what we really needs is noise erasing headphones. 


So here’s all the things that have gone wrong. I feel like by sharing this I might be able to help you make the decision to stay home forever.


  1. ” I’m sure that if we leave at 3 am for our 12 hour drive, the kids will go back to sleep and possibly sleep through a lot of the ride.” …HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! They won’t sleep. In fact, they make it impossible for their siblings to even catch a quick cat nap. So, you end up with three very over tired children… which leads to my next point.
  2. SCREAMING. ALL OF THE SCREAMING. ” Hey, Maeve, do you want some pretzels?” “NO I DONT WANT PRETZELS I WANT M&MS. GET ME M&MS” Poor Lucie, she can’t even talk but she sure can scream. Fiona just straight up starts screaming without any prompting. I’m not talking the ” Oh no!” kind of screaming, it’s the ” THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO TORTURE ME AND I NEED A MILKSHAKE RIGHT FUCKING NOW”. See? Not fun.
  3. Packing. When you have three kids and a husband, packing becomes a horrendous task. So, typically I end up over packing. The car is currently filled with kids, a husband, a dog, 3 huge oversized suitcases and not one single matching pair of socks for any of my kids, every coloring book ever made, a hefty supply iPads. My pediatrician asked if the kids were getting more than two hours of screen time a day. My response was, ” Nope! Never. NO.” My children are perfect, they don’t sit in front of the tv or iPad all day! HAHA. I can’t stop laughing. I praise Jesus for screen time, because mama has work to do. IMG_6850
  4. Reststops. Have you ever tried to get your three daughters in to the bathroom all at once? Yeah. Don’t do that. There will be toilet paper stuck to their shoes, and while changing the baby’s diapers your might notice that your kid is basically licking the floor. You only try to get your kids to go potty at the same time, you must really hate yourself.
  5. Candy. Bribe with candy. Works like a charm, until you find 15,000 dumdums all over your newly cleaned car. You can worry about that later.


It’s just really difficult. Even with two parents in the car. I’m actually writing this in the car halfway to Connecticut. That’s it. I’ve shared my reasons for never traveling ever again.




14650166_10101712599893367_4454690081221321115_nDon’t do it! Have a staycation.


Actually, we love being able to travel a lot to see our family, because we miss and love them. If I have to listen to 13 hours of screaming, it’s all worth.

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