A little gift I would like to share with you…

I’m not going to make this some drawn out, long, emotional blog about my children or mental health.


I’m going to tell you the secret to my own personal happiness on the last day of 2017.


I never thought something like this could be so revolutionary, but it truly is. It truly, truly is.


Today, I bought myself a full spanx body suit.


Like a leotard.


Like heaven.


No more mom bod, just a sucked in little sausage rocking her skinny leggings and a sweater.


I’m a believer.


I also hope that someday my body stops looking like it recently gave birth to three beautiful creatures, but until then… I’m going to spanx my pretty little ass off and I wanted to share my joy and glee with you all.




You know this bad bitch is going to put on sweats in about twenty minutes, but just let me have my fun while I can.



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