The Maevenator.

73C82AB1-B4C7-4279-9075-81BC70A56689*fresh out of the oven*


My middle chid. My beautiful baby. My ray of sunshine.


My little hell on wheels.

fullsizeoutput_2149” I do what I want ma, I do what I want.”


Maeve was born on a beautiful July night in 2015. We didn’t know what we were having, and everyone was hoping for a boy.

Something inside of me just kept bringing me back to the name Maeve. We had looked at a couple boy names, no girl names. I looked like I was giving birth to a basketball. All belly. Totally different from my first time around. Everyone thought for sure that this alien growing inside of me was going to come out with different parts.


NOPE. I pushed that 8 lb, 1oz sucker out and knew before they even said what she was. I knew she was Maeve. Right away. Her little smooshy face was perfect. She latched like a champ ( Shit, I mean OF COURSE SHE DID. I”ve been breastfeeding for literally a century at this point.), she was sweet, and she was a fantastic sleeper.


Until she learned how to crawl. Things got real right around then.

So, let me introduce you to this little ball of energy. This little maniac. This very loud, and yet very tiny human being who makes every day…interesting.


Mave is the best little helper. Her hobbies include drawing with sharpies on her bedroom wall and helping me empty the dishwasher.

IMG_5537“I’m going to lick them all first, then you can put them away.”


She has a great appetite.

6523B1D7-D7ED-4670-860D-74651371E61D*particularly, my face.*



She’s very fashionable.

IMG_0788” You’ve taken enough pictures of me, I know how to pose like an absolute angel. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”


She has a keen sense of adventure.

FullSizeRender” WHAT?! I’m practicing my rock climbing skills on my sisters head board. I see no problem here.”


We’ve discussed putting her on a leash, but I’ve come to realize that this kid walks her own path and I am happy to follow. Except when she’s running into busy streets. Those are the moments I reconsider the leash. Just for a second.


She’s full of joy. She takes care of her big and little sister with her unconditional love and a bit of humor.


This is the Maevenator.


IMG_6367* Life vests are kind of like leashes, because you can grab the back of them before your toddler decides to jump into a very large body of water.”


While I need a gallon of caffeine and a handful of carbs before I can even smile before 11 am, she wakes up every day happy and full of energy. Even at 4 am.

fullsizeoutput_1cf1“Hello world, I am here to make you better!”



She is a pretty excellent snuggle partner.

IMG_9321” I gotta tell you sis… your breath smells. But, I LOVE YOU!”




She’s going places.

IMG_0496* She went right over my foot ten seconds after I took this.”


She really has made everyday so much better. She’s also training her six month old sister to be her identical twin. More on that next time.


One thought on “The Maevenator.”

  1. Such love and humor, the best parenting skills, hell life skills around!! I am glad you have a full contact life going on and thanks for sharing XO

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